New CD from Idiot Grins, State of Health

Partner Randy Strauss continues his life-long love affair with music as he and his band, Idiot Grins, release their third album, State of Health. The album has recieved rave reviews, with critics saying:

“…this is their third album, and I fell in love with it immediately!”

“All in all, judging by this outing, it seems that all the idiot-grinning Michael Conner, Evan Eustis, John Hansen, Michael Melgoza and Randy Strauss are doing is connected to realizing what good, clean, fun musical combinations they are bringing back to us. So far, I can’t stop grinning along with them.”

“This spirited release is springy with a daring and arresting vibe that will leave you in motion and commotion.”

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In addition, the incomparable Byrd Sisters were also featured on the album.


The Byrd Sisters(Lena Byrd-Miles (far right), Lisa Byrd (far left), and Lauren Byrd (center)) have been singing since 1992.

Having had “music in the blood” of both sides of their family, it became routine for them to be trained by their mother, Debra Starks-Byrd. The Byrd Sisters received their start, singing at their local church. Born and raised in Oakland, California, they serve by giving back to their community through the gift of song locally, as well as on a national level. With somewhat of a traditional sound, they have won the hearts, ears and accolades of many down through the years.

In the winter of 2007, they launched their first project entitled “Christmas with the Byrd Sisters” with Top2Bottom productions. Collectively, they have continued assisting various artists (local and national) in the mode of background vocal stylings for studio recordings, live events and concert recordings, as well as singing together on occasion. In more recent years, they have branched off to pursue various life goals and manifest their musical passions. The youngest of the three, Lauren Denise Byrd, released her debut solo album entitled “Love You 2 Life” digitally worldwide via Minstr’el Music Records (a branch of Block Entertainment Music Group Worldwide).

The eldest of the sisters, Lena Byrd-Miles, has taken the social media world by storm in gospel music. She was announced recently in April of 2017, to have inked a record deal with MyBlock Records (home of Superstar Gospel Artists “MaryMary”, Erica Campbell, and award-winning producer, Warryn Campbell). There is much music to come from the sisters.