Client Reviews

J. W.

I believe that we had the most honest, finest professional legal representation that could ever be hoped for from you, Steve, and Linda in trying to obtain Justice for Steven.

From the day 8 years ago when you personally came to the phone after I called looking for an Attorney, to the end of our case, you have guided us with caring and compassion through the complex, agonizingly painful maze of the legal system.

Yes we have had our differences at times, but you stuck with me and always worked out any of our differences, never giving up on us.

I want you know that without your expertise, concern, and involvement we never would have reached the end of our case, and given the realities, never would have obtained the results we received.

Most of all I will never forget your coming with us to Steven's grave and leading us in prayer. You are a "mensch" and I am forever grateful that you, Steve, and Linda always treated us with personal, human compassion, respect, and understood how very special Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff was as a human being.

Of all the things that will haunt me for the rest of my life about Steven, I want you to know that your being our Attorney, along with Steve and Linda will not be one of them. You are three very special human beings. We got the very best from you that could ever be hoped for. I thank you for that gift.

- J. W.

B. & R.

It's difficult writing about a life changing tragic event that lasts the rest of your life. You say to yourself, " it wasn't the fault of anyone, it just happened," that was us. We had no idea that we needed an attorney until we were introduced to Steve Brewer. He had taken the time to research our situation at the request of a close family relative, and then we were asked to meet with him. In our first meeting with Steve, we were inspired that maybe someone truly did care about the tragedy we had endured, the research that was presented convinced us to make a "Leap of Faith" and trust in his experience, dedication, resourcefulness, and knowledge about those things no parent should ever have to think about.

Throughout our professional relationship, Steve's continued encouragement and compassion helped us through a long and tenuous legal trail. His demonstrated expertise, compassion, empathy, and just the plain fact that he's a great guy and people recognize that, made the experience even more memorable. No one ever "wants" to hire an attorney, but this is one attorney we are thankful for every single day of our lives.

- B. & R.

Renee Przbylski, Attorney at Law

I am a female attorney with my own law office in Walnut Creek. I've been practicing law for 23 years, the entire time as a sole practitioner.

My first contact with The Law Firm of Gwilliam Ivary Chiosso Cavalli & Brewer began about 20 years ago; before I became an attorney. Unfortunately I personally experienced medical negligence during a surgery, but I had no idea where to turn. I then remembered Gary Gwilliam, an attorney I met while working in a law office as a legal secretary. I called him and he referred me to his partner, Steve Brewer. Mr. Brewer took my case, handled it extremely well, kept me in the loop regarding what was happening and why, and ultimately settled my case for a very satisfactory sum.

After becoming an attorney and representing clients of my own, I developed a professional relationship with the Law Firm of Gwilliam Ivary Chiosso Cavalli & Brewer which has been extremely helpful to me over the yeas. As a sole practitioner representing injured plaintiffs, it is sometimes very difficult to take on larger cases on a contingency fee basis. Part of the reason is financial, and the other part is simply manpower. All personal injury cases taken on contingency fee, of course, require the attorney to front all litigation costs. An important part of these litigation costs is the hiring of professional and credible expert witnesses in order to compete with the insurance carriers who retain their own experts and don't have to worry about costs. In these types of cases, over the past 20 years, I have associated with the Law Firm of Gwilliam Ivary Chiosso Cavalli & Brewer and each and every time it has been a success. Knowing that Steve Brewer and the other attorneys are on "our" team has allowed me to provide the best representation to plaintiffs. Steve Brewer and I have worked well together; he is someone who is knowledgeable and totally professional as well as personable and caring; assets which evoke trust in our clients.

I am grateful for this relationship and strongly recommend the Law Firm of Gwilliam Ivary Chiosso Cavalli & Brewer to any attorney who would benefit from this type of arrangement. To potential clients, I cannot recommend this firm highly enough; anyone needing an attorney will not find a better firm in which to place their case, and their trust.

- Renee Przbylski, Attorney at Law


In Feb 1997 I was fired by LLNL for testifying against them in another case. I hired an attorney to sue LLNL for wrongful termination. When I attended the first deposition of a defense witness, I quickly learned that my attorney did not have a clue. He was not prepared with any questions that were relevant to the witness. After we left the second deposition with the same results I fired him and my search was on for my next attorney.

I found a second attorney and felt we worked well together. We did quite a few depositions with good results. I then tried to contact my lawyer to no avail. The head of the firm called and asked me to come into the office and told me he had an offer from LLNL. He wanted to settle the case for 40K. I asked where my attorney was and stated that we still had a lot of depositions. I was informed my attorney no longer worked for the firm. I severed that relationship as I felt the attorney was trying to make a quick buck.

I found Mr. Gary Gwilliam of the law firm of Gwilliam Ivary Chiosso Cavalli & Brewer. After talking to him, and explaining my case, he took the case. I felt so relaxed talking to Mr. Gwilliam. I knew I had found a firm that believed in my case and as importantly, in me. For the next 8 years, and two trials, I would get to know Mr. Gwilliam and his firm very well. I can't say enough about this firm. They worked hard and we won both trials. During both of my trials I was astonished by Mr. Gwilliam's charismatic demeanor. He would make Perry Mason look like an amateur. He never showed any disrespect for any witness but had a way of finessing the truth. He stays calm under pressure. He was prepared each and every day. He helped me stay calm and not get upset when LLNL was telling lies about me. To this day I look at Mr. Gwilliam as my friend, not just my attorney.

If you are looking for a fantastic firm, take my word for it. You will never find a better a better group of attorneys.

- D. K.


How do you choose an Attorney and or Law Firm to represent you?

Attorneys and Law Firms advertise everywhere today; billboards, and the yellow pages, the Internet. How does an everyday person choose the best attorney or legal firm to represent or defend their interest?

First and foremost in my mind, I need to be on the lookout for a good coach. Yes a Certified by the State Bar Attorney who was not simply cold, cunning and calculating but one who appeared to be a good coach and possibly a future mentor.

I began my journey after being terminated from my employer of many years. I utilized the rule of 3 (interview at least 3 separate attorneys before making a decision as to which one would represent me in this action).

My current attorney was polished and poised in our initial meeting. He reviewed what had been my experiences with Attorney # 1 and Attorney # 2 at the other firms first. Then he presented me with professionally done brochures on the law firm. He politely made no promises but dove deeply into the why's of my possible action. After about and hour and a half, he retreated to the senior partner's office for further consultation regarding my case. Within 5 minutes my attorney and the senior partner where both addressing my possible cause of action with thoroughness and a soulful sincerity to obtain justice in this matter.

I forgot to mention, that when I walked into the law firm's lobby 20 minutes before my scheduled appointment, on the table in front of me was beautiful leather bound folder with excerpts of previous favorable million dollar judgments that the firm's senior partner had won over the years. The million dollar judgments were impressive and the presentation of them was 5 stars.

My attorney and the senior partner listened intently to me for another hour then said that they would get back to me within the next week to 10 days. What, I thought, why so long? They assured me that thy wanted to evaluate the case from all angles …meaning:

1. Did I have a case?

2. What resources where needed from the firm to litigate this case.

3. What was the possible duration of the case if it indeed went to trial?

Surprisingly within 3 days, I received a phone call from my attorney stating that they would represent me and get some justice for me in this matter.

I have been selling all of my business life, but never have I experienced such a low-key approach by an attorney with respect to a client. I was sold on this attorney and his firm.

Look around you, usually knowledge, wisdom and understanding are standing right before your eyes in the form of a coach. In my case, I have numerous effective coaches at the Law Firm of GWILLIAM IVARY CHIOSSO CAVALLI & BREWER.

The good coaches J. Gary Gwilliam and Randall E. Strauss where passionate about me obtaining justice. Life can deal you some harsh blows…your coach has already lived through many of them. To find a good lawyer is to find a good coach. Listen to your coach; he/she may help you avoid fewer harsh blows dealt to you daily in life.

- C.G.B.

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