Car Accidents Caused By Unsafe Roads

The cause of a car accident is not always as obvious as it initially seems. Whenever someone is seriously injured in a car crash, the circumstances need to be investigated from all angles. In many cases, the design of the road itself or a lack of road maintenance is to blame. This needs to be uncovered so that additional accidents can be prevented and victims can hold the responsible public entity accountable.

Not all personal injury lawyers have the skills necessary to successfully pursue public entity claims, which are lawsuits against government entities. At Gwilliam Ivary Chiosso Cavalli & Brewer in Oakland, California, our mission is to make our community safer and more just through the practice of law, and a significant part of this is our public entity liability work. We represent clients across the greater Bay Area and Northern California.

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Understanding Public Entity Liability Law

Whenever a motor vehicle accident occurs, the design of the road itself, including signage, potential blind spots and any pavement or shoulder defects, should be taken into consideration. The public entity responsible for designing and maintaining the road on which the accident occurred may be liable for any resulting injuries and/or other damage.

Public liability claims involving defective roads are very complex. Filing a lawsuit against a government agency is very different from suing an individual or an insurance company. Several strict requirements apply, one of them being a strict six-month window in which to file your claim.

With decades of experience handling complex litigation, our attorneys are prepared to help. We focus our work on serious injury cases, dedicating significant resources to get our clients the results they need.

We focus not only on winning the compensation our clients need for their medical expenses, lost wages and more, but also on ensuring that they have the answers and support they need to move forward.

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