Justice For Victims Of Police Misconduct And Brutality

There are police officers who abuse their power, harming the very people they are hired to protect and serve. When police engage in misconduct or excessive force, they can and should be held accountable.

If you were abused by law enforcement here in the Bay Area or elsewhere in California, you may not know where to turn. It is easy to feel powerless in the face of police brutality. At Gwilliam Ivary Chiosso Cavalli & Brewer, we champion for justice. We have been successful standing up for victims of police misconduct that resulted in wrongful death and serious injuries.

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The Costs Of Police Brutality

The physical, emotional and financial consequences of police misconduct and brutality are immense. Police brutality victims face medical bills, lost wages and often significant feelings of frustration and disappointment. Police brutality is a violation of your civil rights and it comes at a major cost to you, the victim.

As a victim of police brutality or police misconduct, you have the right to seek answers and accountability from law enforcement, as well as compensation for your losses. With decades of experience fighting for victims of injuries and wrongful death, we are prepared to work hard for the justice you deserve.

A Reputation And A Track Record You Can Trust

Our personal injury lawyers have what it takes to successfully handle cases involving police brutality. We have extensive experience and legal knowledge pertaining to complex injury cases, including public entity liability work.

Since 1978, we have served individuals and families in the Oakland area, achieving the results and helping make our community more just. We are successful, respected attorneys who do all we can to get our clients the compensation and support they need to move forward in life. You can feel confident with our team on your side in your police brutality claim.

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