How Do I Prove My Truck Accident Case?

In many instances, truck accidents are complex cases influenced by multiple factors. The most vital information to your case is being able to determine and prove the cause of the accident and who is ultimately at fault.

Unless you are a trained professional investigator or legal expert, you may not be equipped to ensure that all of the factors that could cause a truck accident have been discovered and documented at the scene of the accident. The commercial trucking industry and its powerful insurance carriers will have investigators documenting and gathering information in hopes of proving their driver’s innocence.

10 Pieces of Evidence That Could Prove a Truck Accident Case

Without an attorney to represent your legal rights in your truck accident case, a number of pieces of evidence, that could prove driver negligence, could be overlooked or lost. One or a combination of the following ten causes of truck accidents could be the linchpin(s) to proving your case:

  • Truck driver negligence carelessness
  • Fatigue or sleep deprivation
  • Distracted driving, mobile device texting or web surfing
  • A lack of training on the part of the trucking company
  • Inadequate, poor truck maintenance
  • Driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Altered or falsified driver log book entries
  • Defective roadways
  • Improperly loaded truck with falling debris that creates hazardous conditions
  • Disregard for federal trucking regulations that require rest breaks for drivers

Most Critical Time to Prove Negligence in a Truck Accident Case

The most critical time to prove truck driver negligence, and your innocence, is at the very beginning from the accident scene where police and investigating officers compile their first report on all the factors of the truck accident. An attorney can safeguard your rights with an extensive review of the first report to ensure it is as complete as possible. A thorough examination of the driver’s log books and the safety logs can prove critical in determining negligence. Don’t get caught short handed and without proper proof; consider contacting a truck accident attorney to help navigate your case to its successful conclusion.