Could Technology Reduce Suspect Deaths Caused by Police?

Throughout the nation many communities rely upon police officers to maintain law and order. As readers are likely well aware, recently there have been numerous cases in which police officers have taken the lives of citizens, under questionable circumstances. Because in some of these situations the fatal action, or the immediate aftermath, has been captured on video, the deaths are being highly scrutinized by much of the public.

Could Non-Lethal Technology Prevent Deaths?

Since much of the time these deaths come after an officer discharges a firearm, some believe the development of technology designed not to kill, but to instead incapacitate suspects, would put an end to many of the deaths. The methods it is imagined these devices might use include:

· Electricity

· Drugs

· Chemical inhalants

· Blunt force

· Extreme sounds

The idea behind the creation and use of these types of devices-which was part of the recommendations provided in the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing-is that their use would remove the decision about whether or not to use deadly force, from the officer. While this course of action might lead to a reduction of the number of individuals who are wrongly killed by police officers, it fails to address what is really at the heart of the issue-the judgment police use in determining how to respond.

Take Action Following Police Brutality

Unfortunately, the East Bay is not immune to this activity. When the very people who are responsible for keeping residents safe, are responsible for the unjust actions that leave someone dead, it can be hard to know what action to take. In addition to dealing with emotional upheaval, the loss of a loved one who contributed to the family financially can make it difficult to get by. While nothing can be done to bring a loved one back, justice may be sought via a wrongful death lawsuit.

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