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Landscape gardener suffered broken neck in motor vehicle accident. After surgery, patient was moving all four extremities. Cervical collar removed. During physical therapy, therapist forced patient's neck into rigid position tearing out plates, screws and bone grafts placed at surgery. Patient is now a quadriplegic.

Result: $1.6 million settlement.

We expect hospital staff and other medical care providers to be capable, careful and compassionate. Unfortunately, avoidable medical mistakes result in serious injuries and wrongful deaths far too often.

Medical mistakes can be truly devastating, and at Gwilliam Ivary Chiosso Cavalli & Brewer in Oakland, California, we are prepared to help you move forward. We use our decades of legal experience to pursue justice and compensation for victims of medical malpractice and their loved ones.

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What Is Medical Negligence?

Not every medical complication amounts to medical malpractice. To succeed in a medical negligence claim, your lawyer must prove that a medical professional or health care system deviated from the accepted standards of care, resulting in harm.

Changes in the law in California have made it increasingly difficult to win significant judgments in medical malpractice cases. Where there is a case, however, there is also a way to win.

Our medical malpractice lawyers have experience with and an understanding of medical evidence and work with respected medical professionals who help evaluate the liability of medical malpractice cases stemming from:

  • Surgical errors
  • Medication errors in dosage and administration
  • Doctors' errors
  • Nursing home abuse and negligence
  • Labor and delivery malpractice and birth injuries
  • Misdiagnosis

How Can We Help?

Our experience for nearly four decades has shown us that monetary results are only a small part of our job. For this reason, we strive to help our clients in ways that go well beyond just their immediate legal needs wherever possible. This includes helping our clients access grief counseling and other services they need to improve their quality of life.

Because we dedicate significant resources to winning each of our cases, we limit our caseload. We accept only those cases where we feel we can make the biggest difference for the client. We invite you to contact our law firm to discuss your case and learn whether we can be of service to you.

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