Representing Victims Of Discrimination And Employer Retaliation

Both state and federal laws protect employees from discrimination in the workplace based on a number of personally identifying factors. Even with stringent rules and regulations in place, some employers continue making hiring, firing, promotion and compensation decisions based on factors other than ability and job performance.

This is not only unfair, it is unlawful. If you feel you have been a victim of discrimination in the workplace, you have the right to pursue legal action. By standing up against injustice in the workplace, you are not only helping yourself, but others who may be facing similar treatment.

For more than 40 years, Gwilliam Ivary Chiosso Cavalli & Brewer, in Oakland, California, has represented employees subject to discrimination in the workplace. We serve the greater Bay Area and northern California.

Taking a stand against your employer can be intimidating. You may fear retaliation. We can help you to understand and protect your rights.

You do not have to tolerate discrimination in the workplace. Contact us to have a member of our team review your discrimination case at no charge.

Discrimination In The Workplace

Discrimination in the workplace takes many forms and can be based on many different biases depending on each individual employer. Our firm is prepared to help you stand up for your rights regarding:

  • Age discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Sexual preference discrimination
  • Racial or country of origin discrimination
  • Disability or pregnancy discrimination
  • Religious discrimination

Having The Courage To Stand Up For What Is Right

It takes a lot of courage to try to right a wrong, especially when you feel your job may be on the line. It is our duty, as your legal advocate, to support you through this process and help to protect you from retaliatory actions, such as wrongful termination or further harassment.

If we take your case, we will be by your side from day one through to a resolution. Call 510-832-5411 or send us an email to schedule a free legal consultation today.