What does the legalization of marijuana mean to California workers?

With recreational marijuana legal in California now, workers throughout the state may be wondering how that affects their employment. Since many employers are keeping their current “no drug” policies. That means that, even though marijuana isn’t illegal on a state level, you can still be fired for using it if you have a drug test on your job and it shows up. Most companies also say that they have no plans to change that ruling, because they want to keep their workplaces alcohol and drug free.

Still Illegal at a Federal Level

One of the reasons that employers aren’t changing their policies is that marijuana is still illegal on a federal level. If an employer has locations in other states besides California, or if they are simply concerned about federal regulations, funding, or any other factors, they may choose to comply with federal law even though state law has been changed. There is a certain degree of safety that comes with that, along with an opportunity to help ensure that employees are all being treated fairly in multiple company locations across the country.

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