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Gwilliam Ivary Leadership Team: Partners J. Gary Gwilliam, Jayme L. Walker, Winston W. Moody, Robert J. Schwartz and Randall E. Strauss (Managing Partner)

For 45 years, Gwilliam Ivary Chiosso Cavalli & Brewer has become one of the most successful personal injury, employment and wrongful death law firms in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area — a fact directly attributable to the dedication and skill our trial lawyers have shown time and time again on behalf of their clients. We do not take every case, but believe strongly in the ones we do take and go to great lengths to protect our clients' interests and obtain just compensation for them. To learn more about the firm's partners and associate attorneys, use the links below to view their complete profiles.


Gary Gwilliam is the firm's Founding Partner and is considered one of the best consumer trial attorneys in the state. His reputation and skill in representing seriously injured plaintiffs is well known. He has tried over 180 jury cases, of which almost 150 were plaintiff civil personal injury cases. He has handled major cases in every area of consumer law, including serious automobile and construction accidents, products liability, medical malpractice, bad faith insurance, civil rights (including police misconduct), wrongful termination and employment discrimination and harassment, and has recently concentrated more in employment law.

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