We represent police misconduct victims in the Bay Area and throughout Northern California.

Gwilliam, Ivary, Chiosso, Cavalli & Brewer has been a champion for victims’ rights for over 35 years. We have been successful in the representation of clients who have been victims of police misconduct, resulting in wrongful death and serious injuries.

The area of police misconduct necessitates special experience; our law firm has become well-versed with governmental immunities, statutes, and claims procedures. We have taken on cases involving police shootings and other situations involving the deprivation of our clients’ human rights.

To arrange a no-cost case review to discuss your whether you may have a strong police misconduct case, please call us at (510) 832-5411 or fill out our short case evaluation form. We represent victims of police brutality and negligence throughout the Bay Area and Northern California.

Police Misconduct FAQs

How long do I have to file a law suit from the time of the police misconduct incident?
The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in California is two years from the date of injury. If you or a family member has been a victim of serious injuries or death due to police misconduct, you’ll generally need to file a lawsuit within two years of the date on which the incident occurred. Read more…

Will it cost me money to consult with a police misconduct lawyer at your firm?
We offer complimentary and confidential case consultation for victims who have been seriously injured due to police misconduct. Read more…

How long does it take to settle a police misconduct case?
Every police misconduct case is different, so it’s not always possible to give an accurate estimate of how long it will take to reach a conclusion in a particular case. The time it will take to resolve your case depends on a number of factors, which we can begin to determine during the initial consultation. Read more…

What types of damages can I recover in a police misconduct law suit?
There are variety of damages available for victims of police misconduct. The damages to which you may be entitled depend on the facts and circumstances specific to your situation. Read more…

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Client Stories: Police Misconduct

46 year old man died in his backyard from a self-inflicted wound to his chest. Police responding to a crisis call fired 34 bullets at the man, after he allegedly fired the first shot. Plaintiffs contended police improperly handled the situation, ultimately provoking the man to shoot himself.
Result: $5.3 million jury verdict, reduced by 25% comparative negligence of the decedent, for a net verdict of $4 million. Court reduced the verdict to $2.1 million. Gary Gwilliam and James Chiosso nominated as 1996 Trial Lawyers of the Year by the Trial Lawyers for Public Justice.

A 35 year old woman was shot and killed in her home by the Union City Police Department in the presence of her daughter, father and brother. The City’s investigation cleared the shooting officer of any responsibility. An Alameda County jury disagreed and awarded the family $1.9 million.
Result: $1,900,000 jury verdict..

A 15 year old boy, survived by his mother, was shot and killed by the police while hiding in a store after committing a burglary. The mother alleged police misconduct. The officer contended he accidentally discharged his gun while trying to remove the decedent from his hiding place in a large cardboard box.
Result: $715,000 settlement.

15 year old boy was killed by Oakland police while allegedly threatening police with a BB gun. Plaintiff claimed police misconduct.
Result: $692,000 jury verdict. Total amount collected after attorneys fees and costs added was $1 million..

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Featured Client Review:

I found Mr. Gary Gwilliam of the law firm of Gwilliam, Ivary Chiosso, Cavalli & Brewer. After talking to him, and explaining my case, he took the case. I felt so relaxed talking to Mr. Gwilliam. I knew I had found a firm that believed in my case and as importantly, in me. For the next 8 years, and two trials, I would get to know Mr. Gwilliam and his firm very well. I can’t say enough about this firm. They worked hard and we won both trials.

Reviewing: Legal Services
Date published: 2011-06-30
Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

Consult with Our Bay Area Police Misconduct Lawyers

Our experience over the last three decades has shown us that monetary results are only a small part of our job. We strive to help our clients in ways that go well beyond just their immediate legal need, taking a “holistic” approach with each client.

Each of our cases has a team assigned to it that includes one of the firm’s partners (someone with 25 to 40 years of trial experience), an associate attorney, a paralegal and a secretary. This ensures that someone who is familiar with your case and knows you will almost always be available to respond to your needs and answer your questions promptly.

If you or a loved on has suffered a serious injury due to police misconduct, please call us at (510) 832-5411 or fill out our short case evaluation form. We service Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley, Hayward, Walnut Creek and all of Northern California.

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