Oakland Legal Malpractice Attorneys

If the unethical actions of an attorney or law firm has caused you financial loss, we may be able to help.

Gwilliam, Ivary, Chiosso, Cavalli & Brewer is an Oakland based law firm representing victims of legal malpractice throughout the Bay Area, Northern California and beyond. For 35 years, our lawyers have taken pride in maintaining the highest standards of professional responsibility while advancing the integrity and ethical status of the profession. We take allegations of legal malpractice very seriously and will not hesitate to take on an attorney or law firm if they fail to comport to the ethical standards set forth by the State Bar of California, which in so doing causes their client financial loss.

If you have a potential legal malpractice case you’d like to discuss, please contact our firm at (510) 832-5411 or fill out our short case evaluation form.

Legal Malpractice Case Story

Our clients had a birth injury medical malpractice case dismissed by a court because their previous lawyer had not filed the case within the statutory requirement of five years. They alleged that their previous lawyer had been negligent and we agreed. Our arguments effectively convinced the defendant’s insurance carrier to settle the case for the full value of the defendant’s $1 million policy limit.
Result: $1 million policy limits settlement.

Case Complexity

Legal malpractice, as is true of medical malpractice cases, are complex and our law firm is experienced in understanding the various errors or omissions that may have caused the malpractice, as well as the appropriate compensation based on damages.

Moving Beyond You Bad Legal Representation

We understand that when you have had one bad legal experience it takes a great deal of courage to again seek legal representation and trust attorneys to help you. If you select our firm and we accept your case, our attorneys will respond in kind, showing you the kind of courage and professionalism that goes beyond mere “legal representation.”

To get a free case consultation with one of our experienced legal malpractice attorneys please call us at (510) 832-5411 or fill out our short case evaluation form. We service Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley, Hayward, Walnut Creek and all of Northern California.

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