Representation For Unfairly Denied Insurance Claims

Gwilliam Ivary Chiosso Cavalli & Brewer has been a champion of consumer rights throughout Northern California and beyond for over 40 years. An important part of this practice concerns the representation of people who have been denied policy benefits on a legitimate insurance claim under their auto, homeowners or disability policies.

Insurance companies unconsciously accept high policyholder premiums year after year, only to cry foul when the policyholder tries to obtain benefits. Our experienced attorneys have taken a variety of insurance claim denial and bad faith cases on behalf of individuals, and have also represented groups of policyholders in larger, consolidated actions. In either case, our lawyers understand how insurance companies operate and have proven their ability to take these companies on and obtain just compensation for their clients.

California Legal Representation For Those Who Have Been Denied Policy Benefits On A Legitimate Insurance Claim

Our practice includes denied insurance claim benefits related to homeowner policies, disability policies, life insurance policies, and underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage on automobile policies. Typically, these will involve a failure to investigate claims, failure to pay policy benefits, failure to investigate or pay benefits in a timely manner, failure to pay the full value of a claim or failure to settle or defend.

Over time, our practice has evolved to where we only take on those cases we strongly believe in. Rest assured, if we accept your case and you decide to hire us, we will spare no effort or resource in pursuing just compensation where benefits have been wrongly denied or delayed.

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