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After you or a loved one is injured, you likely have many questions. Is a full recovery possible? Who is responsible for the medical bills and lost wages resulting from time away from work? Who will support my family?

Located in Oakland, California, our personal injury attorneys represent clients across the greater Bay Area and Northern California. Call 510-832-5411 to tell us your story and learn how we can help.

Many of our clients at Gwilliam Ivary Chiosso Cavalli & Brewer have struggled with the same thoughts. Suffering a sudden, severe injury is always a traumatic event — and something no one deserves. For over 40 years, our law firm has remained dedicated to helping people like you get the answers and compensation necessary to move forward.

A Team Of Experienced Professionals Dedicated To Your Cause

A serious injury such as a brain or spinal cord injury can gravely affect not only a victim, but their loved ones, as well. Life can be turned upside down in an instant, leaving everyone in a wake of chaos.

For almost four decades, we have worked with thousands of individuals and families to navigate tumultuous times. We have been honored to provide assistance and support, beyond recovering compensation for medical bills. Let us represent you and work on your behalf to make up for your lost income and ensure that you have access to the best rehabilitation, counseling and other services that will help make you whole.

We are prepared to help you put your life back on track following:

  • Car accidents, as well as big rig accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, and accidents caused by dangerous roads
  • Catastrophic injuries, including closed head injuries, paralysis and quadriplegia
  • Medical errors in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes
  • Incidents on dangerous private or public property, including slip-and-fall accidents, construction accidents and assaults or other events related to lack of security
  • Police brutality or misconduct
  • Accidents onboard or involving aircraft
  • Serious injuries caused by dangerous or defective products

In addition to representing victims of serious personal injuries, we provide dedicated legal counsel and representation to those grieving due to wrongful death.

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